Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace



First off, we’d like to say that truly great creativity and thinking is what pushes our buttons. It’s not something that we really chose. It’s just part of who we are. Our teams have created work for some of the most influential brands in the world including Nike, PepsiCo., Absolut, Sony, Miller Brewing Company and too many others to list. We have worked with companies in almost every sector of business imaginable. But know this – WE ARE INSPIRED BY AND LOVE WORKING WITH ENTREPRENEURS, DREAMERS AND PEOPLE PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT THEY DO. The company size, name brand or mega-budgets don't matter to us as much as passion, quality of product or service and a willingness to create brilliant success together.

We are a non-traditional marketing agency in the sense that we don’t have a ton of committees that review and kill great ideas. We don’t have employees with god-complexes. And, we believe a great idea can come from anywhere.

The key to our success are the partnerships we forge with people like you, our clients, our employees and even our vendors. We don’t need $30 billion budgets to do work that works (although we’d love it!). It’s a combination of thinking (strategy), a touch of insanity mixed with insight (creativity), mixed with an unrivaled passion for making all of these ideas come to life (execution) in a way that gets attention and makes things happen. That is what makes THEM! tick.

So how do we work best? We absolutely love to be challenged. Sit down with us and give us a business challenge…

We need to sell 500 sets of Speed Racer underwear in Q2 (ohhhh, tough one).

We need to make Squizzienikle Widgets a household name in the next month.

We need a sales strategy and sales tools for our team in about a week (yeah, it happens a lot and we can do it, but with a little more time we can do even better!).

You get the point. Challenge us and we deliver a strategy and creative combination of tactics, tools and on-target creative that will help you get where you need to go. That my friends, is our schtick. And we’re darn good at it.

Now, if it’s something specific that you need, an ad, a new identity and stationary package, a promotional campaign for a sales event, etc., we can do all of those things for you as well. Ok, not just “well” but with a dedication and enthusiasm you probably haven’t experienced. We’re a bit crazy like that.

So, really, who are THEM!? THEM! is a team of exceptionally driven and experienced people striving to create opportunities and solutions for your business. But THEM! is also you, your ideas and your passion for your business. Because THEM! is an idea, a thought, a drive to create something new and innovative without boundaries.





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