Tools + Knowledge –> Opportunity

What We Do


We develop and execute ideas, strategies and elements of communication to solve challenges, achieve goals and create actions through any and all methods possible. On-line, off line, virtual or physical, we use the tools of the modern world to find success wherever it exists.


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Ideas are just ideas unless they are brought to life

There are many ways to work with us to accomplish what you need to accomplish. Every company and assignment will require a different set of skills and knowledge base to accomplish the desired outcomes. When we first meet will will work together to determine what you need and how to work within the budget you have to work with. We clearly define the goals and assignment and clearly spell out a budget that we both commit to work within so that there are no surprises. The only surprises we like are good ones so we do everything within our power to keep it that way.


AUDIT (Strategy/Consulting)

This sounds a bit ambiguous, but this is an oft overlooked and incredibly important part of any successful venture. We will ask a lot of questions, we will dig deep into your vision, your goals and your needs so that we can look at every opportunity possible in order to find the best options to help you achieve your goals. We begin with a full AUDIT of your product/service and look at successes and the challenges that you may be facing. We look both internally and externally at processes, experiences and perceptions to see if they align with expectations and goals. If they don’t then we can help you get these in line and build a better understanding of paths to bring everything together.

Outcome: When we work together to complete the AUDIT phase you will emerge with a clear and honest understanding of your Brand (how your customers perceive you), your Product/Service (what your customers/ constituents expect from you) and your Brand Experience (how your employees/partners and your customers/constituents experience the process of doing business with you, as well as where challenges exist, and opportunities lie).


ARTICULATE (Brand/Message Development)

In this phase we bring the information and insights we’ve gathered together. The goal of this phase is to create a comprehensive picture for articulating the brand and with this knowledge we can begin the process of developing your message(s). We will work with you to clarify and find the right message for the right audience at the right time in order to increase the opportunity of achieving your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Every Brand has a personality, voice, value proposition (why I should believe) and essence that we will work together to find, define and explore so that we can help you, and your Brand get where you want to go. Each element, layered on top of the other, contributes to building a strong brand that is easily identifiable, is memorable and can be differentiated from all other similar products, services or companies.

Outcome: Upon completion of the ARTICULATE phase we will have a clearly defined Brand Position, Voice/Personality, Value Proposition and Brand Essence as a foundation from which to build all of your sales and communications efforts. This knowledge and foundation will facilitate the creation of honest, supportable and relevant communications that will connect with the right audience in the right voice with the right message at the right time.


APPLY (Art Direction/Design/Copywriting)

Once everything has been boiled down to its essence, the brand can now be built up into meaningful, tangible and implementable elements. From the brand essence, we have the central idea behind the brand; the brand’s value proposition, we want the brand to be perceived; and with the personality, we know how the brand should relate to its customers. The Apply phase is where all if the information and insights from the Audit and Articulate phases are united to create an engaging, relevant design and communications solutions that can be executed across a wide array of media platforms, on-line/digital, traditional or any other media platform as required.

Outcome: This phase is where your communications are created. If an Identity (logo) and corporate materials need to be created it starts here. We can explore business plans, mission statements, tag lines, color palates, sales materials and processes, experiential development (customizing the experience that your employees, customers or constituents have when working with you) as well as any and all communications and marketing materials (web sites, advertising development, social media strategies, etc.) that will help you achieve the goals that were defined at the beginning of this process. You will now have a foundation that is solid, honest, consistent, focused and thoroughly designed to be as efficient and effective as possible.


ACT (Creating world class communications)

The Act phase is where your Brand and your iconography are executed across a variety media—we call these touch points. To affect this, we remain open to consumer interpretations of the brand, share and store assets through a managed system of communication planning and implementation and apply the brand to all touch points, maintaining clarity and focus by remaining true to the brand essence through all visual and verbal executions.

The ACT phase is two-fold. First, the materials and messages are designed to be released in a carefully researched and planned schedule. Whether the communications are happening on-line, off-line, digitally or through any other type of connection opportunity each message, each design, each video, each web site, each and every communication is carefully choreographed to match budgets, sales plans, goals and pre-determined milestones in order to maximize the opportunity for success.

Step 2 of the ACT phase is equally as vital. As messages are released and the market(s) respond, we must have the knowledge and flexibility to respond to market changes and be able to review and refine our messages and strategy as we learn from the reaction of our marketplace. This phase never ends. As any great communicator knows you have to find ways to adjust your communications to your audience and their evolving needs or your message will quickly become stale and irrelevant. But don’t worry, with the foundation you’ve created in earlier steps you will be able to quickly and easily make these adjustments while keeping your Voice and your Brand intact because your message is flexible but built on solid business and Brand principles.

Outcome: This is where your customers/clients/constituents will see and experience the world class messaging and materials that we create together based on all of the three phases combined. Using the most relevant media(s), messages and engagement tactics we will use a combination of communications tactics and strategies (advertising, design, experiential design, sales design, video production, social media engagement, etc.) to facilitate the movement toward achieving your goals.